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WD36sc "TURUL"

7 months ago I rediscovered Airsoft and its pleasures. The potentials for an AEG, endless. I was scanning the market for a compact size, preferably light rifle. The M4 series seemed a good start, but I was looking something more advanced…The G36 family caught my attention…To cut a long story short I decided to purchase the Classic Army G36c. The looks of the rifle is unique, the job on the surface made by CA excellent, the weight balance superb…

It stayed stock for about 6 months and it actually served me well in both woodland and CQB games with the 315 fps (chrono’ed with .20 gr BBs). Since I got my hands on a MP5A5 (also made by Classic Army) for CQB games only, it was about time to upgrade the 36…After a lot of searching, installing, un-installing I proudly present to you the WD36sc “Turul”.

Let’s start with the name. The first part “WD” is homage to our team’s gunsmith who performed the upgrade and goes with the codename WD. The middle part is the code of the rifle obviously and the last part “sc” stands for “silenced compact” to describe the use of a silencer and the compact size of the rifle. The “Turul” part is my personal tribute and a sign of admiration to the Great Hungarian nation that has embraced me in the best of manners. Now, some words about the Turul.

The Turul is a giant mythical falcon, a messenger of god in the Hungarian mythology, who sits on top of the tree of life along with the other spirits of unborn children in the form of birds.

In the mythology the Turul is mentioned at least twice to shape the fate of the Hungarians:

According to the legend of origin of the Αrpad clan, it was the divine intervention of God, through his messenger the Turul, which founded the royal family. The following is a recounting of the legend by the chronicler "Anonymous", the royal scribe of King Bela III (1172-1196). In the year of our lord 819, Agyek, the descendant of King Magog and a royal leader of the land of Scythia, married the daughter of Ened-Belia, whose name was Emeshe. From her was born their first son Αlmos. The boy obtained his name because of the unusual circumstances of his birth, when his mother in a vision saw the great Turul descend from heaven on her and made her fertile. A great spring welled forth from her womb and began flowing westward. It grew and grew until it became a torrent which swept over the snow covered mountains into the beautiful lowlands on the other side. There the waters stopped and from the water grew a wondrous tree with golden branches. She imagined famed kings were to be born from her descendants, who shall rule not here in their present lands but over that distant land in her dreams, surrounded with tall mountains.

The second time, the leader of the Hungarian tribes had a dream where eagles attacked their horses and a Turul came and saved them, to symbolise that they have to move, and when they did, the Turul helped them to show the way and led them finally to the land that became Hungary.

The great mythical Turul bird of prey is one of the most important symbols of the Hungarians. It represents their god's power and will. The Hungarian Turul is often represented carrying the flaming Sword of God.

Now with the actual upgrade. I wanted something that will stand out both internally and externally.


The 24cm inner barrel didn’t match my criteria for a woodland rifle. That was replaced with a 36cm Tanio Koba twist barrel (M4 inner barrel length). To cover the extended length a Tokyo Marui Pro Short silencer is used. It sounds fake but if works as a sound suppressor (due to the foam insert) if the inner barrel is shorter than the length of the silencer, which is not the case in mine…


The gear box remained the original since it can take 120 or more spring upgrades. The spring was replaced by a Systema M120. That gives the AEG an initial velocity of around 410 fps which I believe should be around the limit for woodland games…At first there was a HurricanE SP120 spring installed that pushed the beast up to 440 fps but that is passed the fps limits for Hungary and it would create more problems in the future (need of a 9,6V large battery, upgraded gears and so on…).

Then a HurricanE Full Tune Kit was installed to maintain the AEG’s reliability. This consists of the following items:

  • Air Seal Nozzle
  • Cylinder Head
  • Cylinder
  • Bearing Spring Guide
  • Bearing Piston Head


The original G36 magazines are for sure a sight for sore eyes but they are quite bulky. In any typical double magazine pouch can fit only one G36 style mag. That forces the operator of the rifle to carry double the number of pouches compared to an AR user for the same amount of ammo. The advantage of clipping them together never actually appealed to me, so I decided that they had to go…In the market there is the Magwell Conversion Kit made by PPA which was the answer to my needs. This kit is easy as hell to install. Just unscrew the small pin that holds the magwell in place, remove it and place the new one. It is made by the same rigid plastic that the rest of the body is and the colour matches perfectly. I have tried CA, G&P, G&G, TM and MAG magazines and they all feed smoothly. In my case I use the MAG M4 style midcap magazines made for H&K’s HK416. They come in a mat black colour and the inscriptions on them are so sweet…


In general the H&K sights are a blast to use. Very easy to adjust, quick to aim, etc…but don’t you just hate it when you try to aim through a Red Dot scope and they get in the way? Well, I do. I removed the original open sights and I was trying to trace a source for those wonderful MP7 flip up ones but in vain. I couldn’t find them individually, only on the MP7 itself. So, I followed another way. I bought some Armalite style flip up sights as stated:

  • Star SR15 front
  • And Star Buis style rear one

The sights are very well made, but…here comes the modification buggy man again…They don’t align (the front one sits very high) since the front one is made for the M4 SR15 and the rear one is made for a plain flat top M4. After testing the AEG I realised that they work only if the front sight is attached above the hand guard. I sacrificed one of the rails that mama CA provided me with. It was cut to the desired length and a new hole was drilled to attach the srew. Both of them were secured with 2 small locknuts which are hidden in the hand guard, nowhere visible…

For the aiming of my project an Action 2x42 mm Red/Green Dot Scope is used. I strongly believe that anything with a higher than 2x magnification is an exaggeration for Airsoft use unless it’s a 500 fps bolt action Sniper Rifle…The only con of this scope is that the objective lens is actually 42mm but the image that comes to your field of view is only 25mm but it gets the job done nevertheless.


The front sling hook was removed to lighten the fore end of the rifle. Then a First Factory sling hook pin was installed. This gives the advantage of being able to have the gun resting on a more upright position when not in use and being hanged from a 3-point sling.

The AEG runs still on an 8,4V battery. It would be better to use a 9,6V one due to the low ROF but the factory hand guard has a limited space. My options would be the following:

  • CA large hand guard but still it can fit a 8,4V only
  • G&P extended stock
  • Sling with a battery pouch
  • A battery attached on the stock

The truth is that I don’t fancy the looks of them all, so I stayed with the original option. In the last big game I put about 8 midcaps through my AEG (about 800 BBs in total) and the battery still had juice to give me, so no worries (anyway, I carry 2 extra batteries in my survival waist pack, so…)

* this text is about airsoft replica which is battery operated. it can not fire live rounds and can not be modified in any way to do so.

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